Saturday, November 3, 2012


It’s been articulated in every direction,
Spilled from its carton by a boisterous child
And it’s dripping off the edges of the counters
And leaving footprints through the halls.
Some could say
It no longer needs attention,
And some could say
The mess it has left
Ought to be cleaned and sanitized.

But despite its history of chatter,
Love maddens me
As though a wire were strung through my chest
And looped around my heart,
And the further you walk away from me,
The more it burns,
The further I’ll walk where you lead.

The stories that do not leave me
That color my dreams
And sharpen my days
Hurricane around me with great force
And you, inexplicably,
Are standing with me at the center
You are the keystone in songs
That itch in my ears
And fill my skull with eerie light.

Some could say
That without you on this earth,
Beauty would pass through me like a window screen
Unconscionably unnoticed,
A golden spindle wrapped in graying thread.